J&S Appraisals

  • Realistic Automotive Evaluations
  • Competitive Rates
  • Fast Prompt Services

We appraise new or used vehicles for insurance or resale purposes, or just because you’re curious. ¬†With our experienced staff, we know that whatever it may be, an old classic, your special hot rod or simply your work truck, family car, boat, motorcycle or show car, we know how much your vehicle means to you. We make sure that you receive the full value for your vehicle, in case of accident, theft or vandalism. Your vehicle should be appraised every 3 years. Stay on top of your vehicle’s value, so you will not lose out by an under valuation by your insurance company, when the time is needed to know the value.

Our appraisals cost only $100 per car, $135 if we drive to your location (max 30 km), and you will receive a 4 page report that is insurance approved.

(pictured are some of the cars that we have appraised in the past)

For more details, please call Jim Graham at 613-692-4181.